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Our Core Values

Our story and video products last for ever. Creating them empowers you to connect with future generations.

Life Memory Videos you cannot know future generations, but they can know you Grace


Life Memory Videos you cannot know future generations, but they can know you Legacy


Life Memory Videos you cannot know future generations, but they can know you Generosity


Life Memory Videos you cannot know future generations, but they can know you Empowerment


Life Memory Videos you cannot know future generations but they can know you Experience


Who We Are

We are professional journalists, video producers, graphic artists, and caregivers dedicated to documenting the stories that families will cherish for generations. Our team will guide you through the process of converting memories and life stories into written and video documentaries. We capture and preserve valuable lessons, stories, and family histories in high quality sharable collaborations.

What We do

At Life Memory Videos we guide and assist our clients to document, organize, and share their life experiences for family, friends and future generations. Our professional producer will work online or in-person to conduct interviews, and create written stories and video documentaries of your life and memories. We preserve your legacy.

Why We Do It

We believe everyone has stories that younger family members yearn to hear and need to know. It is important to document and preserve your history, your family’s history, in your own words through your own recollections before it is too late. These stories will serve as a bridge that connects the generations of your family. It is a fun and rewarding process designed to enhance the quality of life for the older adult while preserving their legacy.


Our product and service last forever and connect and empower the creators and all whom they interact with.

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Your personally assigned Producer will walk you through the entire process


Your Producer will meet with you on-line to record a 60 min interview with you and collect 20 iconic photos


We will produce a digital magazine-style transcription document including your 20 photos.


Your interview transcription is lightly edited and cleaned up for proper presentation.


Your personally assigned Video Editor will splice together a sharable MP4 video file containing 20 photo montage and your entire 60 minute video interview with your Producer.

After you have accumulated one or more gateway packages you could upgarde to our level 2 or level 3 packages





Requires the purchase of at least one Gateway Package


Once you have completed one or more gateway packages you may choose to edit the full length interviews into a shareable highlight reels.


Your personally assigned Video Editor will design the script of your personal documentary and you will receive a well-produced video documentary including chapter headings and a photomontage set to music from a compilation of your interviews. Approx. 20 minutes of edited highlight for every one-hour interview used in the compilation.


Starts at




Requires the purchase of at least one Gateway Package


Your personally assigned Documentary Film Production Team will walk you through the process


They will meet with you at your home or office and spend up to 4 hours filming interviews of you and, if you like, your spouse.


You will provide up to 30 iconic photos via upload to your account.



Below are the following steps for a better service.


Life Memory Video Step 1 Book a Discovery Call

Step 1

Book a discovery call to know if Life Memory Videos is right for you


Life Memory Video Step 2 Story Line Questionnaire and Schedule an Interview

Step 2

Create an account where you will interact with your producer.


Life Memory Video Step 3 In Person or Virtual

Step 3

Purchase your Gateway Package


Life Memory Video Step 4 Conduct Interview and Deliver Transcription

Step 4

Schedule Interview with your Producer


Life Memory Video Step 5 Approve the Edit

Step 5

Receive your products for your review, approval, or change request.


Life Memory Video Step 6 Final Delivery of Memory Video

Step 6

Final Delivery of Life Memory Video


To address the majority of your inquiries, here are a selection of frequently asked questions

What is a Life Memory Video?

Typically, it is the story of a life, or stories from a life. It may be a memoir, a tribute, a life story, an autobiography, a biography, a video biography, or an oral history. The story is captured on video or in a written format. There are samples available on the website.

What is a Producer?

The rich and famous have long employed professional writers and editors to help them with their memoirs or have hired “ghostwriters” to pen books in their name. Our producers are creative professionals who help “ordinary people” tell their life stories. You will have a personal producer to assist you every step of the way as you preserve memories, images, voice, stories, and histories – in video or narrative form. Your Producer is an expert interviewer, proficient in drawing out your memories, stories, and family traditions.  The Producer is the difference between keeping your legacy alive for generations or allowing them to be lost forever.

Why choose Lifememoryvideos?

Writing your own life stories can seem daunting. Working with your producer turns the process from overwhelming to energizing. Telling your life story to a neutral outsider who is trained to listen and ask good questions often elicits a fuller, more revealing story than you might write on your own. A skilled producer can help you recall key events in your life, draw out details that will be meaningful to future generations, and find the thread that ties together the various stories in your life. Your producer is there to assist you and eliminate the roadblocks that significantly delay these types of projects. After two, hour-long interviews (conversations), your producer will be able to prepare and create your stories or videos. Within days you will have them for your review and editing.

Are you ready to create your life story?

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