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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a LifeMemoryVideo?

Typically, it is the story of a life, or stories from a life. It may be a memoir, a tribute, a life story, an autobiography, a biography, a video biography, or an oral history. The story is captured on video or in a written format. There are samples available on the website.

What is a producer?

The rich and famous have long employed professional writers and editors to help them with their memoirs or have hired “ghostwriters” to pen books in their name. Our producers are creative professionals who help “ordinary people” tell their life stories. You will have a personal producer to assist you every step of the way as you preserve memories, images, voice, stories, and histories – in video or narrative form. Your Producer is an expert interviewer, proficient in drawing out your memories, stories, and family traditions.  The Producer is the difference between keeping your legacy alive for generations or allowing them to be lost forever.

Why choose LifeMemoryVideos?

Writing your own life stories can seem daunting. Working with your producer turns the process from overwhelming to energizing. Telling your life story to a neutral outsider who is trained to listen and ask good questions often elicits a fuller, more revealing story than you might write on your own. A skilled producer can help you recall key events in your life, draw out details that will be meaningful to future generations, and find the thread that ties together the various stories in your life. Your producer is there to assist you and eliminate the roadblocks that significantly delay these types of projects. After two, hour-long interviews (conversations), your producer will be able to prepare and create your stories or videos. Within days you will have them for your review and editing.

Why would anyone be interested in an ordinary person's story?

Wouldn’t you like to know what your great-grandparents’ lives were really like – in their own words? No matter how ordinary we might think our life is, it will be interesting to our descendants and to future generations. And structured reminiscence produces more than nostalgia – though nostalgia is important. Reminiscence and life review are now recognized as important life processes – sifting
through memories to provide a legacy gift to the future generations of your family provides self – esteem and value to life.

Many people plan to interview family members but put off doing so. Lack of time or skill may keep them from collecting and preserving the stories of those they care about, and when they finally find time to do so, it is often too late – those who lived the stories are too frail to tell them, or their memories have faded, or their voices are silenced by death. Family members often experience a sense of grief when it’s clear those stories and voices are lost forever. LifeMemoryVideos can help you collect those stories while there is time!

How is LifeMemoryVideos different from genealogy?

Genealogists research, record, and map family trees – who descended from whom. Families collecting information about family births, deaths, and marriages are learning that stories bring to life all those names on the family tree. It is those stories that LifeMemoryVideos focuses on. LifeMemoryVideos connect generations – including generations unborn – through stories, insights, and shared wisdom presented from your personal perspective in your own words.

What is a LifeMemoryBuddy?

A “buddy” is a friend or family member who assists the participant with logging in or scanning photos. They are copied on all email communications to ensure the participant has a positive experience.

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